We have been producing with passion for over 25 years, inspired by nature


Copa is a Fruit and Vegetable Producers Cooperative based in Acipreste, about 6 Km from Alcobaça

Founded in 1986 by 23 associates, Copa began its activity in 1992 with the construction of a Fruit Centre, created with the specific purpose of: receiving, selecting, packaging, conserving and marketing the horticultural products produced by its members: the Alcobaça apple, certified with protected geographical indication (PGI), and the Rocha do Oeste pear (PDO).

Copa’s economic activity includes the sale of fresh fruit and the production of juices, for the national and international market, as well as the sale of horticultural products in Copa stores.



COPA has its roots immersed firmly in the ground, in Nature and in respect for biological cycles. We allow all the time necessary to bring you the most natural thing that exists: fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts.

In order to ensure that in the future we have fruit and vegetables just as tasty as in the past, we know that our production must be sustained, with the purpose of preserving natural resources.

For this, we follow proximity policies with our producers, ensuring that all production is sustainable and in-keeping with the most demanding standards of respect for Nature.

At COPA, we take Nature very seriously: it is our raw material.

Our promise

To foster and enhance concepts such as health, nutrition, well-being and all the benefits associated with eating fruit.

To be a benchmark in the national and international market in the area of healthy eating, namely through the production of quality fruit and in the creation of totally natural fresh fruit products that maintain their original properties and flavour. 


Our orchards are constantly monitored. This is the only way to produce fruit with quality and environmental responsibility. 

The procedures applied in our orchards are established by agronomists who, in addition to taking into account the needs of fruit trees, make sure that all production takes place according to an Integrated Production regime.

Production control is carried out in order to guarantee food security and the quality of the fruit harvested.

Production control is carried out in order to guarantee food security and the quality of the fruit harvestedAll these precautions, combined with the typical climatic conditions of the region and the soil itself, allow for the production of fruit with unique characteristics and with a high quality aroma, texture and flavour, recognised by European entities through the attribution of the protected geographical indication (PGI) and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).


Our fruit is produced according to an Integrated Production strategy. It is a rational and controlled production process, which allows for the quality of production to be improved, providing food security and contributing to the balance of the environment

In Integrated Production, a set of procedures technically defined and regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture are used by agricultural producers.

All work carried out in the orchards is controlled by a certifying body.

At Copa we guarantee the sustainability of natural resources, preserving nature.