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Japanese fashion designers revolutionized the world with their avant-garde sense of innovation in the 1980s. Designers like Rei Kawabubo, Issey Myake and Yohji Yammoto, who are sometimes referred to fashion's "last big shock", embodied new ideas about design and the relationship between clothes and the body. Casio also disrupted watchmaking at the time with its innovative roger dubuis replica digital and analog-digital collection.

Casio, in honor of the world's first analog-digital timepiece, is reviving the roger dubuis replica AW500, renamed AW500E. It also offers a version with a metal construction, AWM500D. In a G SHOCK promotional video, Kazuyo Kawashima, a stylish designer wearing Japanese style, explains that the design concept was "to keep it simple and minimal". The roger dubuis replicas of the past were square, octagonal or featured a liquid crystal square display.roger dubuis replica Many of them had an unfinished look. At the time the watch trend was for round, slim and compact watches. We, the designers, engineers and developers, wanted to create something completely original in order to explore our minds.

Kawashima's team, six years after introducing roger dubuis replica 1, presented the first analog AW500. This expanded the possibilities of what a G SHOCK watch can be. We experimented with various watch parts and details to see if we could integrate circular elements. The AW500 round analog design aims at embodying the roger dubuis replica brand. Kawashima says that the AW-500 round analog design captures the essence of roger dubuis replica's product design.

The AW-500E is a digital watch that breaks with tradition. It incorporates more traditional permanent hour and minutes hands composed of gears, small parts and other components while keeping the watch lightweight and shock-resistant.Tudor Replica Watches The full metal watch construction is what has changed. The inherent weight of metal made it difficult to create a watch that was shock resistant. This problem was exacerbated by the hands. Using the knowledge gained during the development of the GMW B5000's full metal construction, multiple technical obstacles were overcome. The metal weight was compensated by a slightly smaller size.

"We designed a face with an analog feel that only G Shock could achieve. The design of the minute hand is unique, with its round hole. The larger part of the round in the middle is attached to the hand. The hand needed to be large to stop it from skipping. However, the design looked unbalanced.

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