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"We made this a virtue, by adding three additional holes along the hand in order to create a perfect circle motif. The minute hand has a long, arrow-shaped tail. Without it, the lower half would have a blank space when both the hour and minute hands point to 12. The minute hand's tail was extended over the lower half to create a balanced appearance.

As with all u-boat replica timepieces, the most important thing is functionality. The AWM 500 features hours and minutes, dual-time, stopwatch, countdown, daily alarm, an EL backlight,u-boat replica afterglow and fully automatic calendar. The "Tough solar Power System" uses solar power to provide about 28 months of continuous use after a full recharge. Battery life has also been more than doubled from three years to almost seven years.

Even the design team acknowledges this technology. The dial of the AW-500 has the word QUARTZ, which isn't often seen anymore, but it was reproduced in the new timepiece, as it was a revival.

The vintage style is timeless and modern, just like most Japanese fashion. The watch is available in the original 1989 version, blacked-out, red, or steel with black. The AW-500 has won multiple design awards throughout the years. u-boat replica designer Kawashima describes it as "a perfect fusion between origin and evolution".


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Analog-digital combo with permanent hands. Radio Frequency: 77.5kHz,Cartier Pasha Replica (DCF77, Germany); 60kHz, (MSF, UK); 60kHz, (WWVB, USA); 40kHz, (JJY, Fukushima Japan)/60kHz, (JJY, Kyushu Japan); 68.5kHz, (BPC, China); Tough solar power system (solar charging systems); Continuous operation: about 28 months after full charge

Case Study

55.2x47.7x14.7mm; Resin, original, black, or red; Stainless steel, silver x black, gold, silver. Water-resistant up to 200 meters, shock-resistant.


Resin (original black, red); Stainless Steel (silver, black, gold, silver).

Launch date in Singapore

11 Dec 2020

Prices are a little higher than usual.

AW-500, S$169; AWM-500D, S$729; AWM-500GD, S$819

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